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TRM Kurasyn Canine 240ml

TRM Kurasyn Canine 240ml

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KURASYN CANINE is a complementary feed supplement designed for dogs with highly bioavailable Curcumin and Hyaluronic Acid. The Turmeric formula contained is complexed with a naturally occurring oligosaccharide, giving it an improved absorption rate compared to standard Turmeric. It can be used to support dogs' normal mobility, rehabilitation, and suppleness. Ideal for senior dogs or those needing extra movement.


Instructions For Proper Use:

Mix KURASYN CANINE well into the feed.  

Feed Each animal individually.

Small dogs (up to 10kg):3ml per day

Medium dogs (10 – 25kg):6ml per day

Large dogs (25-40kg):9ml per day

Very Large dogs (over 40kg):12ml per day

Composition per 12 ml
Sodium Hyaluronate  (Hyaluronic Acid content 36mg/12ml) 37mg
Curcuma longa L.   360mg
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