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SloDog Slow Feeder Plate

SloDog Slow Feeder Plate

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SloDog Orange Slow Feeder Plate

Most dogs will gulp or swallow their meal in seconds as they would in nature as a pack animal. This gulping can create serious medical problems. Extended feeding time aids in the prevention of digestive problems.

The Hyper Pet SloDog Slow Feeder™ is an innovative way of slowing down your pet's mealtime. Most traditional slow feeders work by making it hard for your pet to locate and access their food, which causes frustration and stress. SloDog allows for a larger surface area, making it simple for your pet to find their food, without the need to chase it. This helps to reduce uneasiness. Additionally, the plate is designed to split the food into multiple, smaller meals, further avoiding gulping and prolonging feeding duration.

SloDog offers a logical and straightforward design. It is designed to make mealtime stress-free and paces the process so that feeding only takes minutes, rather than seconds. Testing has demonstrated that SloDog effectively slows down the feeding process.


Suitable for all up to 2 cups/ 500ml

Size 35 x 26 cm/14″ x 10″

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