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Halti Dog Headcollar

Halti Dog Headcollar

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Help train your dog to stop pulling on the lead with the world-famous Halti Headcollar. As the world’s first no pull dog headcollar, the Halti Headcollar is a favourite amongst pet parents and trainers alike. The patented design continues to lead the market for innovation and dog comfort.

What size of Halti Headcollar is my dog ?

To determine which size is best for your furry friend, please refer to the fitting guide on this product page in the Image Gallery.

How do I acclimatise my dog to wearing a headcollar ?

It's essential to understand that the introduction of a novel headcollar on your pup's head/face will likely be an unfamiliar sensation. We recommend acclimating your doggo to their new headcollar through positive reinforcement. This process may involve utilizing treats to entice your pup to place their nose into the headcollar and then wearing it for short durations, followed by taking it off and providing a reward. Gradually increasing the time they wear it allows them to adjust. If your pup is attempting to remove the headcollar, divert their attention with a treat or their most beloved toy.

How can I optimise the success of using a no-pull product?

Patience and consistency are key when training your dog. If your pup begins to pull, immediately stop. Then you can move forward again only when the lead is loose. Praise and reward your pup when they stay by your side and pay attention to the lead as this will help to promote calming behavior. To further assist, combining the Halti Headcollar or Harness with the Halti Training Lead provides enhanced control for walks.

How long can I keep the headcollar on my dog ?

We do not recommend leaving any type of body worn training aid on your dog for long periods of time and dogs should never be left unattended wearing products like headcollars, harnesses, and muzzles. This is from a safety and welfare perspective as well as there is a high possibility your dog may try to remove and chew the product.

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